Would I like to spend 6 months in Singapore to ramp up the local project risk management team? I didn't have to think twice but packed my bags, ready for a new and totally unexpected adventure. After all, I’ve never been to Asia before and being based in Singapore I’d be able to explore a bit. And as an added bonus, I planned to do some more travelling in one of my favourite destinations: Australia.

Singapore is often called the Switzerland of Asia. Sparkling clean, rich, safe, tax avoidance as a business model - there are many parallels. But there are also many differences. Singapore is not a really democratic country. The People's Action Party has been governing the country's fortunes with a firm hand since the country was founded in 1959. Punishment for breaches of the law can be severe and immigrant labourers are not treated equally. But what really impressed me is how peacefully the many different ethnic groups and religions manage to live side by side.

Marina Bay