13 February 2021 – Jänzi Panoramatrail

Dania, Alfred and I are setting out on the Jänzi Panoramatrail, a 12 kilometre snowshoe trail. At first the trail follows a gurgling stream which winds through a lovely wooded moor. After a while the trail heads upwards through pine forest until we finally reach the ridge from where we have glorious views of the Alps and a sea of fog below.

16 January 2021 – studies in black and white

It is freezing cold, -8 degrees Celsius according to the Mini. Getting so much snow in the lowlands is rare so I am off on a snowshoe and photo tour in the Maschwander Allmend, a nature reserve between the Reuss and the Lorze. The terrain is mostly flat but the going is still quite tough as I have to make my way through deep and rather heavy snow.